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How I PM

There are two parts to my style of product management.

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Jump In and Fix the Problem
I love my reputation as a fixer. I'm the PM you call when you need to calm the chaos and turn things around.
Pitching ideas and optimizing funnels are in my tool kit, but I'd rather be building solutions and putting out fires.
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Build Consensus, Move Fast
At the start of any initiative, I like to be thoughtful, consider our impact, and build consensus cross-functionally.
And then the second I have a go, my team and I are moving forward at warp speed.
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Why I PM

Where I Worked & Why

I want my work to make the world a better place. I seek workplaces that value corporate social responsibility, and products with a positive social impact.

Where I Worked
& Why
Joined to empower anyone to make a business around their passion.
Joined to enable patients to get the most out of their out-of-network insurance.
Joined to help private practices thrive by connecting them with patients.
Product School
Joined as a part-time instructor to teach anyone to become a data wizard, even "nontechnical" people.
Two-Bit Circus Foundation
Consulted pro-bono to empower a nonprofit promoting STEAM in public schools.
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I'm also human! Here's some fun facts about me that I love chatting about.

I indoor climb. You'll find me at SenderOne LAX.
I'm a PC and PS5 gamer. I'm currently playing Helldivers 2.
I love dogs. I volunteer at the South LA Animal Shelter. I also foster pitbulls.
I cook and bake at home. Here's a favorite cookie recipe.
I try new 3D prints all the time. Here's my current favorite: a cable corder.
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